Our Mission

Our mission for over 50 years has been to empower persons with disabilities by improving the quality of their lives and fostering their integration into the mainstream of society. We also develop educational programs including training for advocacy for their individual civil rights.

About BCID

Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled, Inc. (BCID) is a non-profit, grass roots organization operated by a majority of people with disabilities for people with disabilities since 1956.

BCID is dedicated to guaranteeing the civil rights of people with disabilities. We exist to to improve the quality of life of Brooklyn residents with disabilities through programs that empower them to gain greater control of their lives and achieve full and equal integration into society. We accomplish this through our services, our advocacy for systems change to remove physical, attitudinal and communication barriers to people with disabilities, and through our education and awareness programs.

Based on a self-help model, our primary services include: disability rights advocacy; peer support; resource information and referral; housing advocacy; independent living skills consultation; government benefits information and advocacy; youth services; as well as information on the civil rights and responsibilities of people with disabilities. Many of our staff members, board members and volunteers have disabilities themselves and, so, are viable role models for other people with disabilites.

As a member of the National Council on Independent Living and the Independent Living Network of New York (ILNNY), BCID is able to advocate on many levels for people with disabilities. Our stature in the disability community, combined with our programs and services designed to educate and empower people with disabilities, places BCID in a unique position to enable people with disabilities to achieve and affirm their independence.

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